Experimenta Life Forms International Triennial of Media Art, 2020-2023


Experimenta Life Forms – Experimenta Commission, in partnership with

the Australian Network for Art and Technology, 2020.

PULSE places audiences in the centre of a digital experience that’s controlled by the life force of trees. Through this project we aim to forge deep connections between people and our natural environment, raising questions around ecological conservation in the age of economic rationalism. The development of PULSE is being fed by a wide range of field trips (to the Amazon, Panama, Taiwan, India and remote Australia) where PluginHUMAN are collecting data from significant local trees and waterways.

The PULSE installation will display the internal microscopic structure of significant international trees. This data will be enlarged and printed onto acrylic sculptural forms. The printed acrylic sculptures will be lit by full-colour programmable LED lights. The light show will be controlled by bio data collected from the significant international trees. This bio data will reflect information such as the movement, moisture, sounds and subtle changes to the direct environment surrounding significant trees.

In August 2019 PluginHUMAN worked alongside scientists from the National Institute of Amazonian Research. During this immersion field trip they conducted a study and collected tree data from deep inside the Brazilian Amazon. This is a part of the LabVerde: Artist Immersion in the Amazon program.

In August 2019 PluginHUMAN collaborated with international environmental digital artists as part of the Digital Naturalism Conference and the Digital Naturalism Artist Laboratory program in Panama. This involved data collection, jungle-based field research, knowledge sharing and collaboration.