7-Minute Single Channel Video

Luminous Festival, St Kilda, AUSTRALIA, October 2019- February 2020

CONCEAL is a fusion of digital and organic materials and processes, it uses digital methods to highlight hidden organic structures. CONCEAL affords audiences the unique opportunity to experience and engage with layers of physicality not often available to us in our daily lives. This artwork features photographs taken under microscope of biological samples that were collected from significant City of Port Phillip ecosystems. The video imagery is formed from generative computer animations of the biological imagery. Ultimately, CONCEAL reveals hidden structures from our surrounding natural environment. In making this artwork, PluginHUMAN aims to foster empathy between people and our natural world in order to encourage action on climate change.


Justin Dwyer: Creative Director and Artist

Betty Sargeant: Creative Director and Artist

Thanks to Florian “Floyd” Mueller and the Exertion Games Lab, Monash University

This project was funded by the City of Port Phillip as part of the Luminous Festival – Fitzroy St Public Art Exhibition, Australia.