EMERGE is an immersive audio-visual installation that will connect audiences with MAP mima’s surrounding natural and cultural environment. This new, site specific work will reflect unique qualities of local ecosystems and will allow local communities to contribute to the artwork. EMERGE will be projection mapped onto the walls and floor of mima’s Cube (projection specifics TBC), creating a seamless immersive environment. The soundscape will be an electronic fusion featuring recordings of the local natural environment. This will allow audiences to further immerse themselves in this other-worldly experience; an experience that illuminates the unique qualities of local natural and cultural areas.

VIDEO: Mockup of biopolymer animations (an indictaion of the aesthetic of the final projection artwork)

EMERGE will engage with local ecosystems by revealing their hidden qualities and will provide local audiences and visitors with a new perspective on Speers Point Park. We will also invite people to contribute specific items that may be included in making the installation. This will help form deeper connections between the artwork and local communities.

The title EMERGE, relates to the emergence of the new MAP mima space. It also directs attention to how the installation uncovers hidden aspects of the natural environment. This dual interpretation allows us to consider our relationship to both the built and natural environments of the new MAP mima space.

Mockup of the immersive projection aesthetic


We will create a 5-10-minute immersive projection artwork for the Cube. This will involve:

  1. Creating biopolymers using local materials: including Lake Macquarie water, and soil and plant matter from Speers Point Park. Please Note: Biopolymers are plastic-like materials. We are experienced in making biopolymers. Our biopolymers are compostable, they help us create carbon neutral artworks.
  2. Photographing biopolymers under microscope. This will uncover unique and hidden qualities of local ecosystems.
  3. Creating a generative computer program.
  4. Animating our original biopolymer images using generative processing. These animations will form the final immersive projection.
Mockup of a small biopolymer scultural artefact with metal whatnots


We’ll work with the mima curator and invite the Awaba Waste management centre to collect and donate small metal items that have been discarded for recycling. We will combine these metal items with our biopolymers to make 4-5 small sculptural artefacts that will be exhibited in the MAP mima ‘Discovery Ports’ (located in the foyer).  

These sculptural artefacts will:

  1. Provide audiences with physical representations of the biopolymer materials used to create the immersive projection artwork.
  2. Help audiences foster a physical, tangible connection to the artwork and to the local MAP mima environment.
  3. Provide opportunities for local audiences to donate unwanted small metal objects (via Awaba Waste Management) and therefore become involved in the formation of this artwork.
Mockup of a small biopolymer scultural artefact with metal whatnots


We’ll combine night and underwater recordings of Lake Macquarie with electronic sounds, forming a seamless soundscape that will help audiences further immerse themselves in the other-worldly environment of EMERGE.


This project extends our practice of creating biopolymer immersive projections. For example:

  1. We will make the biopolymers using water from Lake Macquarie, as well as local leaf and soil matter from Speers Point Park. Previously we have made biopolymers from tap water. We are excited to see the submerged qualities of the lake reflected in the artwork’s microscope images.
  2. Although we have created complex and very large projection mapping projects, this will be the first ‘360-degree plus floor’ mapping project that will involve projecting onto blank, flat walls. We would be so excited to have the opportunity to deliver our work in this way.


April: Invite Awaba Waste Management Centre to collect and donate small metal items that have been discarded at the centre’s recycling plant. Invite locals to donate unwanted small metal items to the colletion at Awaba.

May: Visit mima to collect environmental samples and view the Cube site. Most samples will processed and photographed (under microscope) onsite (no support required from mima).

June: Deliver the final immersive projection artwork and 4-5 sculptural artefacts.

Mockup of the immersive projection aesthetic


Betty Sargeant ~ Artist

Justin Dwyer ~ Artist