UNEARTHED: by PluginHUMAN and Lorraine Brigdale

A participatory public artwork with augmented reality and immersive projection-mapping

Currently under development: Funded by Asialink Arts

MOCKUP IMAGERY: One section of the artwork.
Featuring microscope imagery, 3D sculptural elements that extend from the surface of the artwork, and projection mapping

Inspired by the wild spaces that exist within and around us, PluginHUMAN and Lorraine Brigdale bring you UNEARTHED, an audio-visual-tactile large-scale public art installation. UNEARTHED turns audiences into participants, placing them in the centre of a primal multi-sensory experience.

UNEARTHED engages both physical and digital spaces. This will involve a long (up to 40m) artwork that will snake around the walls of a public area. This artwork will feature contemporary Yorta Yorta imagery, AR (augmented reality) interactivity, 3D sculptural elements and tactile Braille narratives. At night this artwork will be transformed into a projection mapped light experience. The audio will be a fusion of electronic music, field recordings and spoken word that poetically details the installation’s visual elements.

UNEARTHED will provide macro and micro perspectives. The imagery will feature contemporary re-workings of traditional Yorta Yorta shields and creative adaptations of contour lines that will reflect expansive aerial views of landscape gradients. It will also feature photo-microscopy imagery displaying prolific local Victorian fungus and mycelium in exquisite microscopic detail.

UNEARTHED will involve both digital and physical interactivity. It will feature abstract icons that trigger AR experiences. When audiences hold their phones to the icons, animated detail will automatically appear. The icons, and the animations, will appear as futuristic “micro-organisms”. The artwork will also feature a series of short poetic texts, of approximately 25 words. These texts will be translated into Braille and will be layered into the mural so that audiences can walk the length of the artwork engaging in a tactile experience that poetically describes the installation’s physical form.

UNEARTHED will come alive at night. We will projection-map the mural with generatively animated imagery provided by the public. We will also illuminate the artwork with lighting effects. This will reveal hidden aspects that are not visible by day. And we will projection-map short poetic texts provided by the public.

This installation will unearth aspects of ourselves and aspects of nature that are not perceptible without the use of electronic and scientific equipment. We invite audiences to consider a symbiotic relationship between our inner-worlds and the urban/natural forces that surround us. PluginHUMAN and Lorraine Brigdale have a strong track record in leadership in environmental art; ie carbon footprint tracking, using recycled and compostable materials, and creating carbon negative art projects.

“In this project is an opportunity to unite a First Nation woman’s contemporary view of traditional Aboriginal war shields (men’s business) together with contemporary ideas in scientific imagery, illumination and video art. The collaboration prioritises Aboriginal art as an integral part of the visual imagery, encouraging a conversation around cultural awareness which is always this artist’s intention” (Lorraine Brigdale).

UNEARTHED will be presented at EyeMyth Festival, Mumbai and in Australia in 2022.


Betty Sargeant (she/they): Artist, creative director, producer

Justin Dwyer (he/him): Artist, technical director, audio director, programmer

Lorraine Brigdale (she/her): Artist, creative director, cultural leader

Akshat Nauriyal (he/him): AR developer

Meri Leeworthy (she/her): Audio artist

Casper Plum (he/him): Art assistant

Coco Disco (they/them): Poet and spoken word artist

Braille Artist: TBC