PARTICIPATORY MEDIA ART ~ Melbourne Knowledge Week Festival, State Library of Victoria, AUSTRALIA, May 2017 and Ararat Art Gallery, AUSTRALIA, August 2017.

We invite the public to find sculptural pieces that are hidden around the exhibition area. They bring these pieces to the exhibition space and connect them to The Playground sculpture. Audiences can also take photos of their city environment and upload them to an online platform. These images are automatically animated in real time and projection mapped onto The Playground sculpture.

When audiences enter the exhibition space we track the small sculptural piece that is in their hand and project their personal ‘city environment’ photo onto the piece. This unique system is designed using VIVE hardware and TouchDesigner software. We track and project onto small moving objects in 3D space. For full details of this tracking and projection system refer to our peer-reviewed published academic paper “Using HTC VIVE and TouchDesigner to Projection-Map Moving Objects in 3D Space: A Playful Participatory Artwork“.

The Playground socially and physically engages audiences and personalises their experiences of art and technology.

Betty Sargeant ~ Original Concept + Creative Director

Justin Dwyer ~ Creative Director.

The development of The Playground was supported by: Creative Victoria through Touring Victoria and the Ararat Regional Art Gallery.

Thanks to: Exertion Games Lab RMIT University.