MEDIA ART PERFORMANCE & INSTALLATION ~ National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, TAIWAN, February-June 2018.

Experience your dreams come alive. Walk in the dreams of others.

DREAM 2.2 is an audio-visual performance and interactive installation. The performance features two sleeping teenagers and abstract projection mapped, audio-visual representations of the sleeping teens’ brain activity.

We use EEG (electroencephalogram) headsets [Muse] to track the electrical activity of the brain and generate audio that in turn generates audio-reactive visuals. The audio and visuals respond to different types of brain activity. Brainwaves trigger abstract real-time audio-visual art. The visuals are projection mapped [TouchDesigner] onto maze-like projection surfaces in the exhibition space.

During the interactive installation audiences can wear an EEG headset. They use their own brain activity to control the DREAM 2.2 audio-visuals. Audiences can also walk in a maze made from hand painted transparent PVC drops that are suspended from the ceiling. The maze is illuminated by abstract projection mapped visuals that are being formed in real-time by other audience member’s brainwaves.

DREAM 2.2 imagines a future where instead of sleeping, people stay awake to experience being inside others’ dreams. This hybrid work invites audiences to reflect on our contemporary obsession with observing others’ activities through digital and reality media. We encourage audience to go beyond observation. We invite them to participate, to use their own brainwaves to generate original real-time digital art.