PluginHUMAN places audiences in the centre of an immersive art experience. This duo is led by the award winning Australian artists Justin Dwyer and Dr Betty Sargeant. PluginHUMAN design interactive technology, they create memorable, hands-on human to digital encounters.

PluginHUMAN – Impressive, perfectly prepared artwork.

JungSoo Park, CEO, Culture&U, South Korea

THE LOOP ~ Multi-sensory Media Art Performance

the loop places the human body at the centre of a digital experience. This project investigates human-computer integration. We create a feedback loop between people and machines, forming a cycle of information that is shaped by a collusion between active brainwaves and real-time multi-sensory art. the loop involves sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

the loop features two performers: a live musician/programmer, and a dancer. An EEG headset reads electrical activity that’s occurring inside the dancer’s brain, and sends this data to our custom designed system. Our system transforms real-time brain activity into abstract audio-visuals, it also provides aromatic, gustatory and haptic feedback to the dancer. The dancer’s neural function controls the sensory environment.

The dancer’s movement is tracked and their body is projection mapped with imagery effected by their neural function. Their brain function is also visualised and projected onto a large media surface at the rear of the stage. The dancer’s neural function also controls a vibrating vest that they are wearing and it effects the release of aromatic and gustatory stimuli.

When the dancer hears and sees the audio-visuals, and when they feel, taste and smell the sensory stimuli that is triggered from their neural function, this has an impact on their brain, and this impact then stimulates new brain function that, in-turn, changes the audio, visuals, aromas, gustatory and haptic effects. Therefore, a cyclical feedback loop is created between the human body and a real-time reactive multi-sensory environment.

SENTIENT ~ Immersive Media Art Installation


Sentient places audiences at the centre of a digital organism. We invite people to experience a symbiotic connection between themselves and what appears to be a living, breathing digital entity. This multi-sensory work investigates human-computer integration. We disappear the interface, inviting audiences to consider the nexus between sentient and digital entities.

Sentient is a new work that is currently under development. It features interactive custom-designed ‘tentacles’ that hang in the exhibition space [if the exhibition space has no ceiling, or if we are unable to hang from the ceiling, these tentacles can extend from the floor – ie sit on floor mounts]. Each tentacle houses a series of sensors. The tentacles respond to audience members’ touch, movements and sounds. When people touch a tentacle, the tentacle lights up, makes sound and gently vibrates. When people move around the space, the visuals and audio change. The environment changes and responds according to the human action that’s occurring in the exhibition area.

Sentient pushes the boundaries of how audiences engage with computational systems. People and this digital installation are simpatico. This artwork senses audience members’ presence; it responds to their movement, sound and touch. Through this artwork we make people feel that their presence matters.

HIDDEN CITIES ~ Participatory Public Installation

PluginHUMAN - HIDDEN CITIES. Betty Sargeant and Justin Dwyer.


Hidden Cities engages the public in a treasure hunt. We invite people to collect hidden words and use them to create miniature sculptures in discrete and unexpected public locations.

PluginHUMAN Accelerator Program ~ Professional Development Workshops for Artists

The PluginHUMAN Accelerator is a tailored program for creative and cultural practitioners, particularly those interested in digital futures.

Participants learn how to develop and deliver their own creative concepts, ideas and projects. Participants may come to the accelerator with an existing idea or they may develop their idea during the PluginHUMAN Accelerator program.


PluginHUMAN Justin Dwyer & Betty Sargeant. Art, design, art-collective, design-studio, design-agency

PluginHUMAN create immersive environments that provide audiences with hands-on interactive experiences. PluginHUMAN has an acute understanding of the role that technology plays in contemporary society. Their progressive works place audiences in the centre of sensory art technology experiences. 

PluginHUMAN was a finalist in the Contemporary Art Awards [2019], they won a Good Design Award [2018] and a Premier’s Design Award [2017]. This duo is led by the award winning Australian artists Dr Betty Sargeant and Justin Dwyer.  They have exhibited in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. They have created commissioned artworks for institutions such as the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan), the Asia Culture Centre (South Korea) and Questacon (Australia’s National Science and Technology Museum).