The PluginHUMAN Bootcamp is a tailored program for creative and cultural practitioners, particularly those interested in digital futures.

Participants learn how to develop and deliver their own creative concepts, ideas and projects. Participants may come to the bootcamp with an existing idea or they may develop their idea during the program. Workshop participants will also be taught how to organise and deliver a real-world socially engaged public outcome – they will plan and run the participatory art installation Hidden Cities.

The PluginHUMAN Bootcamp Involves:

Day 1: The Idea – What is your concept and how does it challenge or extend existing creative and cultural knowledge?

Day 2: Social Practice – How to engage audiences?

Day 3: The Team – Who is your team? What skills do you need to complete the project? To up-skill or collaborate?

Day 4: Budget and Time Management – What are your costs? Who are your partners? What is your timeline? Is your project realistic?

Day 5: The Outcome – What is your final product? How to develop your pitch?

The PluginHUMAN Bootcamp is run with two sessions each day for 5 days (other time frames are also possible). Each morning session is focused on helping participants develop their own creative concept and helping them learn the skills needed to deliver a cutting-edge creative and cultural project on time and in budget.

Each afternoon session is focused on giving participants hand-on experience of planning and running a real-world creative and cultural project. Participants are given the task of working together to deliver their own version of PluginHUMAN’s Hidden Cities participatory artwork. Workshop participants use the skills they have learned in the Bootcamp and apply them to a real-world project.

Images from the PluginHUMAN Bootcamp, Oil Tank Culture Park, South Korea: